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Energy Efficient, Low Power Off-Line Switcher IC With Integrated System Level Protection

Product Details

LinkSwitch-XT2 incorporates a 725 V / 900 V power MOSFET, oscillator, simple ON/OFF control scheme, a high-voltage switched current source, frequency jittering, cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry onto a monolithic IC. The start-up and operating power are derived directly from the DRAIN pin, eliminating the need for a bias winding and associated circuitry.

Product Highlights

Easy to Design

  • Lowest component count switcher solution
  • Selectable device current limit
  • Fully integrated auto-restart for short-circuit and open-loop protection
  • Optional self-biased supply
  • Frequency jittering greatly reduces EMI
  • Meets HV creepage requirements between DRAIN and all other pins both on the PCB and at the package
  • Pin-out simplifies PCB heat sinking

Features Superior to Linear/RCC

  • Output overvoltage protection (OVP)
  • Input overvoltage line protection (OVL)
  • Hysteretic over-temperature protection (OTP)
  • Extended creepage between DRAIN pin and all other pins improves field reliability
  • 725 V MOSFET rating for excellent surge withstand
  • 900 V MOSFET rating series for industrial design or extra safety margin
  • Extremely low component count enhances reliability
    • Allows single-sided PCB and full SMD manufacturability

EcoSmart– Extremely Energy Efficient

  • Easily meets all global energy efficiency regulations
  • No-load consumption <100 mW without bias winding at 265 VAC input (<10 mW with bias winding)
  • ON/OFF control provides constant efficiency to very light loads –ideal for mandatory CEC regulations
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, 230V 9.20 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, 230V 9.20 W
Output Power (Max) - Enclosed, Univ 6.10 W
Output Power (Max) - Open Frame, Univ 6.10 W
Breakdown Voltage 725 V
Voltage - Input (Min) 85 V
Voltage - Input (Max) 265 V
Auto-Restart & Overvoltage Response Latch Off
IC Package SO-8C
Integrated Diode
Internal Switch Yes
Mounting Type Surface Mount
Over-Temperature Response Hysteretic
Temperature - Operating (Min) -40 °C
Temperature - Operating (Max) 150 °C
Control Scheme Secondary-side
Control Features PMIC
Selectable Current Limit
Frequency Jittering
Auto-Restart/Latching Fault Response
On/Off Control
Protection Features
Input Overvoltage
Output Overvoltage
Output Short Circuit
Output Open Loop
Output Overload
Output Profile CV
Topology Flyback
Product Sub-Type PMIC
Secondary Response Auto-restart